The Mess Part 2 pg.12
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  1. Ohhhh you know I’m a long time fan that prides myself on reading and enjoying InCASE’s old and new stuff, as well as tracking down and finding bits and pieces of his art. I would love a “The Mess Part 3” or some other comics continuation, or brand new ones. I can see InCASE making a great Sci-if comic, though my heart truly lies with Alfie. I enjoy it so much so I try and get my friends and others I know to read it. Sadly it seems only a small few of them can truly enjoy InCASE’s amazing work. My favorite “saga or arc” in Alfie is the love between the gay elf and Alfie’s Mom. I personally loved the struggle she faced in both trying to accept liking this gay elf, while also trying to struggle with the feelings of her husband. She soon finds herself throughly enjoying her time with the elf, and I actually felt a bit sadden when they stopped seeing each other. Yet became super happy when in the newer chapters the gay elf returns!

    Love you InCASE

    Łove your’s truly

  2. Ooh a sci-fi comic would be so awsome! Just think of the different kinds of aliens you could think up! Now that would be cool. Maybe on your next break from Alfie you could do a short as-to comic too??? Pretty please! God I love your artwork I’m an artist myself so I can really appreciate the work that goes into this. I’m also a very voracious reader of books but also I love comics! I get both of my loves at once that way. I am amazed at all the truly awesome art and story writing out there. Makes me wish I was in my twentys again and stick with Illustration instead of sculpture. I love what I do and I miss drawing a lot but I’m way to rusty and old to try a comic.

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