Puazi CYOA #8
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10 Responses to Puazi CYOA #8

  1. (ʘ言ʘ╬) This…

    ..this bothers me greatly. Bob having to put up with his stepdaughter & stepson jumping his bones and having to f*** his mother-in-law to keep his wife from leaving him are one thing, but now she’s outright cheating on him with his dickgirl niece?

    Time to get the shotgun Bob. I don’t care if it’s the wife with no self control or the niece that knows damn well what she’s doing. Somebody’s gotta go.

  2. Jesus fuck, people need to chill out and stop taking this porn so seriously… It’s a sexy and well-made funny series.
    And the patriarchal bullshit of “it’s okay for the DAD to fuck other people but not okay for the MOM” is just ridiculous. People seriously need to calm down and enjoy the art or walk away.

  3. I must admit i don’t like this one. The art is still as good as ever but it is more in terms of content.
    I mean :
    Page 1 : Bob doesn’t seem to want it, Nadia doesn’t seem to care
    Page 2 : Bob doesn’t seem to want it, Nadia doesn’t seem to care
    Page 3 : Bob doesn’t seem to want it, Nadia seem to want Bob to do it
    This Page : Bob clearly seems he doesn’t want it, Nadia looks like she enjoyed it a lot

    I have no trouble with extra conjugal intercourse, as long as every party involved is agreeing to it.
    I know it just a fiction and a comic, but it kinda kill the mood when i read it.

  4. No, he’s not pissed it his wife getting fucked. He’s pissed he’s not getting a chance to fuck his dickgirl niece. Mark my words, next one will be him showing that dickgirl just how fun riding a yummy cock can be.

  5. I’d have to agree with Emma on this one, Bob being forced into the other situations was one thing, but now he is being outright cheated on borderline cuckolded no matter what is said, it makes it very hard to understand why he would still be with her if his wife can’t keep it in her pants and he is forced into other situations for her to stay with him

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