Sammy CYOA #26
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7 Responses to Sammy CYOA #26

  1. just simply LOVE Sammy ; just can’ t get enough of ” her” ; happy lovely smile , Tom boy hair cut , and all the curves art at the right place with freckles , freckles are under rate they drive me nuts , it is to much cuteness . very hope so Sammy comes back in new intimates adventures. Your ART is beyong wonderfullllll ! and it does arouse all my senses every time !

  2. Great ending to this, really liked the whole thing
    Don’t suppose we’ll ever cut forward to the wedding? I vaguely remember art of Sammy in a bridal dress

  3. Assuming Sammy is marrying Ashley, I agree with anon, I’d love to a flash forward to wedding day & honey moon.

  4. Gotta say, the self satisfied “I done good!” grin in the last panel just makes the page for me. Not that I’m complaining about the rest, not at all. I too would like to see more Sammy in the future, hopefully tied up in her bosses office some more, or maybe elsewhere, even semi-public. 😛

  5. Yeah, gonna agree with the people wanting a marriage continuation eventually. Sammy and Ash in wedding dresses would be beautiful. And them in wedding lingerie would be absolutely delicious~

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